Friday, 23 May 2014

The 5 Least Likeable Characters on TV

There are a lot of great shows out there, but some of them have people who we really want to fall off something high. Here is a list of my least likeable characters on TV, and be warned, there’s some pretty major spoilers below.

5. Laurel Lance - Arrow

Kicking off the list we have the most useless sidekick in super-hero history. Although not technically a sidekick, more of a contact within the law…that is until she spirals into depression, becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, and basically becomes a wrecking ball to the lives of everyone around her. She loses her job, making her even more useless than before, and falling into danger and needing to be rescued every five minutes doesn’t make Ollie’s job any easier. Even when she finds out the truth about who the Arrow is, she decides to “help” by wandering into a sewer tunnel filled with an army of super-soldiers. Great going Laurel. Add this to the constant back and forth with whether she loves Ollie or not – Ollie eventually makes the smart move and backs away, hooking up with her far more likable sister Sara – and we basically have a character who nobody’s really gonna miss when the writers come to their senses and kill her off.

4. Dawn Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer had a pretty strong following, with action, interesting story arcs, a likeable cast and some imaginative villains. So it really begs the question, why did Joss Whedon decide to write in a whiney, annoying kid sister for the Slayer to have to look out for all the time? Getting herself captured at least once or twice per episode made for some interesting character development towards the start, especially with the death of their mother, forcing the central character to take on a more maternal role. However before too long, we were sick of seeing Dawn get herself into trouble, get bailed out by the gang, only to go and do something stupid again, and the cycle repeats. You could always tell what was going to happen. Dawn moans about how she wishes she could have a normal life, and that she isn’t real, wah wah wah. That’s when you know it’s gonna be one of THOSE episodes. Hell, even the characters themselves started commenting on it by the end. One line from Buffy herself sums up my point perfectly – “Dawn’s in trouble? Must be Tuesday”.

3. Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

This one is a little different. Joffrey is supposed to be hated, but that doesn’t make us want to punch him right in his spoilt, kingly face any less. The product of incest between Cersei and Jamie Lannister, it was hardly any surprise that something would be wrong with this kid. Taking his pleasure from making people kill eachother…that is when he isn’t shooting arrows into people for fun, or pouring a barrel of wine down someone’s throat. For his 4 season run, nothing Joffrey did wanted us to pull our punches, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to cheer at his eventual demise at his wedding.

2. Skyler White – Breaking Bad

I’m not even gonna bother picking a moment for this one. Skyler’s entire time on the hit show is made up of moaning, cheating, moaning, moaning, bitching, moaning, and occasionally moaning. What more do I need to say?

1. Carl and Lori Grimes – The Walking Dead

Technically two characters, but it’s mother and son, so we’ll let it slide. These two take the top spot because their combined efforts make us burn up with rage inside. We’ll start with Lori. Serving as nothing more than the centrepiece of a forced love triangle between herself, Rick and Shane, Lori became one of the least liked characters on the show before she finally kicked it. She’s a bad mother, letting Carl run around where he wants, when he wants, but more than this, she is a terrible, terrible wife. Hey Lori! Your cop husband has just been shot in a gunfight with a convict and has fallen into a coma from which he might not wake up…make sure you wait at least 2 weeks before you hook up with his best friend and partner on the force! Seriously…ugh! Now let’s talk about Carl. He doesn’t have a great mother, but how many times has he run off and caused a character to be killed? (Dale

So there it is! My rundown of my least favourite characters in TV shows. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Are you a fan of some of these characters? Is your least favourite character not up there? Let us know in the comments!

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