Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Supernatural: Do You Believe In Miracles? - Review

For 9 seasons, Sam and Dean have hunted and killed the big bad, but for the last year we’ve seen a whole new type of evil. Sure, we had Abbadon as the over-arching demon serving as a primary antagonist for the brothers to – as they would put it – “gank”, but when she gets killed off before the finale, the focus shifts to Metatron, the angel responsible for the angels’ fall from heaven.

Like many others, I wasn’t overstruck on the last season, and longed for the show to go back to when it was best; two brothers, on the road, fighting monsters where they found them, and hopefully, with the conclusion of this story arc we can get back to that. But the thing with a show like Supernatural, is that it’s like pizza. Even the ones that aren’t that good, are still pretty great, and in typical Winchester fashion, season 9 goes out with a bang.

Metatron has gone viral, his miracles causing humans to rally at his side and Dean has been taken over by the first blade, so it’s up to Sam, Cas, and new ally Gadreel to save the day. With a little help from Crowley, Dean escapes the room he was locked in for his own safety, and is soon reunited with Sam. The brothers then track down Metatron, whilst Cas and Gadreel attempt to storm the gates of heaven.

This leads to some climactic moments, the battle between Metatron and Dean is certainly thrilling, both being juiced up on the relics they have. Cas and Gadreel also have some good moments, including an odd little role-reversal, in which Cas references something that Gadreel doesn’t understand.

Amidst all of this, the episode features one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of all 9 seasons so far, and for the sake of being as spoiler free as possible, I’ll just say that Jensen Ackles delivers a stellar performance and steals the show here. Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard also deliver – Sheppard being delightfully sarcastic and likeable as ever as Crowley – however there’s nothing commendable about them. The show definitely goes to Ackles here.

Credit has to be given to the show for being incredibly risky with its themes of religion and portraying Angels and even God himself as a less than benevolent being. However it’s in the finale, where Metatron takes the power of God and uses it to his own means that the level of controversy reaches its peak.

Do You Believe In Miracles” is far from the best finale that the show has seen, but it certainly features some of the best performances, particularly from Ackles. Furthermore, the last three seconds will cause your jaw to hit the floor, and for me is the best plot twist that the season has had. In comparison to some of the highs that Supernatural has seen, this episode doesn’t deliver the scares and mystery that fans came to love. However as a finale to what has been –in my opinion - one of the weakest seasons yet, it works well to tie up any loose ends, whilst delivering a final moment that will have everyone waiting in unbearable suspense as to what will happen in season 10. 

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