Friday, 17 May 2013

Corporate Madness

Okay, so I’m gonna diverge from the norm a little here, and rather than review something, I’m gonna make a statement on something I feel particularly strongly about – commercialization. People who become famous via the internet are usually the more talented people in the world, as they have been signed down to pure talent, rather than high up connections. I will hold up my hands and say that even Justin Bieber had some credibility behind him when he first got started, but in my opinion, signing a record contract has been the downfall of him, and many others.I mean, seriously...just look at Nicki Minaj before and after she got signed!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Cybermen get an upgrade!

I nearly cried last week at the end of Doctor Who, when I saw that they were doing another Cyberman episode. Sure it’s been a while, and some of their fans might welcome their return, but I was hoping that this newfound originality of the last few weeks might hold. I went into this episode expecting to see more of the same, but I was actually pleasantly surprised!