Sunday, 19 May 2013

DEATHLY's a pun, see?

So I’m finally nearing the end of the line. With only two more Potter games left, the finish is in sight.  I just wish that they could be two good ones. Unfortunately, wishes don’t come true, and it would seem that the developers saved the worst for last.


Anyone else wondering just what the f&$k is going on? Me and my friend Adam just watched the series finale, and our heads are still spinning a little. Well, more me than Adam, because he took a peek online and now knows what will happen in the 50th. Being a lovely guy though, he's not gonna spoil anything for me. So here's what's gonna happen: me and Adam are gonna review the episode, and maybe suggest a few theories on what's coming...although that bit will mainly be me. We'll try to keep it spoiler free, but read at your own peril, 'cos a lot happened tonight folks!