Sunday, 19 May 2013


Anyone else wondering just what the f&$k is going on? Me and my friend Adam just watched the series finale, and our heads are still spinning a little. Well, more me than Adam, because he took a peek online and now knows what will happen in the 50th. Being a lovely guy though, he's not gonna spoil anything for me. So here's what's gonna happen: me and Adam are gonna review the episode, and maybe suggest a few theories on what's coming...although that bit will mainly be me. We'll try to keep it spoiler free, but read at your own peril, 'cos a lot happened tonight folks!

So let's get the basics out of the way. The Doctor and Clara are back...and that's about it for the basics. The rest is complicated, to say the least. After a mysterious message from a crazy guy, Vastra and Jenny call in the cavalry to discuss her findings - the cavalry being Jenny, Strax, Clara and (regretfully) River Song. They discuss the message - "The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave, and it has been discovered"  - but are attacked by some faceless...things. This leads the Doctor and Clara on a path to that one place we've all been waiting for - TRENZALOR!

When they get there, bad things happen. That's all I'll say for two reasons. One: Spoilers. Two: I can't. And here comes my first criticism. The plot is clear, but overcomplicated. Various mysteries are explained, such as Clara's appearance at various points in his life, but things happen extremely quickly. Before you've managed to get your head around what's just happened, something else is happening, and it all felt very rushed.

Not that it wasn't enjoyable; it was certainly an action filled, climactic finale. It had everything we need for a good episode – freaky aliens, tension, drama, and a whole lot of emotion.  Matt Smith delivers one of his best performances yet, and shows what he can do in an episode that has been written well. It seems that he has been the victim of some bad writing over the last series.

Remember in one of my earlier posts I commented on how the lack of double episodes in this series leads me to think that this one was gonna lead into the 50th? Well…that prediction was bang on. As for the predictions about Clara being his daughter, or River Song’s daughter, or something like that? I won’t say what happens for the sake of anyone yet to watch it, but I think you’ll be surprised, in a good way.

As for the end…well…my socks are gone, my jaw is on the floor and the word “WHAAAAAAAAA?” is erupting from me in a way it never has before. The introduction of someone new promises one of the greatest showdowns in Who history, and an absolutely spectacular 50th anniversary. All we have to do is wait until November 23rd

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