Friday, 17 May 2013

Corporate Madness

Okay, so I’m gonna diverge from the norm a little here, and rather than review something, I’m gonna make a statement on something I feel particularly strongly about – commercialization. People who become famous via the internet are usually the more talented people in the world, as they have been signed down to pure talent, rather than high up connections. I will hold up my hands and say that even Justin Bieber had some credibility behind him when he first got started, but in my opinion, signing a record contract has been the downfall of him, and many others.I mean, seriously...just look at Nicki Minaj before and after she got signed!

Being signed may seem like the best thing in the world. You get fame, money, and everything you could possibly want. Bieber is a prime example. He went from being a viral star, to being a global superstar. He’s the classic success story. But if all of this is nothing but good, how come he has become one of the most hated people as well as one of the most loved? Because all the fame has gone to his head.

Another example is a youtube gaming channel that shall remain anonymous. They used to make hilarious videos, and I commented on a few, got replies every time and they seemed like nice guys, who actually gave a flying toss about their fans. Then they signed up with Machinima. Then they started making money. Then they changed.

All of a sudden, the videos weren’t as funny, there were advertisements all over the place, and on the few times I commented, only once did I get a reply, and it wasn’t half as friendly. I also asked for a short birthday message for a friend of mine, who was also a big fan of theirs. Their response? “It’ll cost about $50.” Friendly.

Anyone else beginning to see a pattern here? It would seem that the common denominator for all of this is big companies and contracts. And it’s this reason that I fear for Lindsey Stirling.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Lindsey Stirling is a singer/dancer/musician, who covers songs, and makes her own videos on youtube. She’s pretty, she’s a gamer, and she has an air of innocence about her that makes her seem more genuine. General message: she’s pretty great as she is. And now she’s been signed to a major label. Congrats Lindsey, you’re moving up in the world.

But here’s what I’m worried about: Bieber and the gaming channel have been destroyed by the machine in my eyes. I’m worried that the same will happen to Stirling. I’m worried that they’ll take her natural talent and beauty and exploit them to make her into a moneymaking sex symbol. I’m worried they’ll tell her to ditch the gamer side, because that’s not what people like, and I’m worried that they’ll change everything about her, and make her all about the numbers.

On the off chance that she sees this, (and if anyone who knows someone who’s a friend of a friend of Lindsey, please try to pass it on), I do have to say this...


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