Friday, 8 August 2014

The Girls Fight Back

They may be beautiful, but get on their bad side and they’ll take you down before you know what’s hit you. With Guardians of the Galaxy currently storming cinemas, and in honour of battling sisters Gamora and Nebula, we here at Vuepoint have compiled a list of the most badass women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re keeping this strictly within the films, so apologies to fans of the TV Series, but Agent May won’t be appearing on this list, as cool as she is.

5. Maria Hill

Kicking off our list is the gun-toting femme fatale, ex-deputy of SHIELD and personal friend of Director Nick Fury – a position that very few people can boast. Appearing in the Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and even making a cameo or two in the TV Series Agents of SHIELD, Hill has no trouble getting around, and she’s always a strong asset wherever she goes.

4. Nebula
Next up we have the daughter of Thanos – a character who has already been established as one of the most powerful creatures in the universe, Nebula was never going to be a damsel in distress. Instead, she’s an assassin for hire, who works close with Ronan the Accuser to retrieve the Infinity Gem, and proves quite an issue for the Guardians of the Galaxy, namely her sister Gamora, who’s sibling rivalry goes a little beyond stealing eachothers’ clothes. When push comes to shove and the two come face to face for a final confrontation, Nebula proves to be one of the only people who can hold their own against Gamora, landing her a spot in the top five.

3. Sif
Worshipped by some as the Goddess of War, Sif is a close friend and loyal ally to fellow Asgardian Thor, to the point of disobeying direct orders on multiple occasions in order to help her friends in times of need, most notable coming to Thor’s aid when he found himself stranded, powerless on Earth. Her loyalty is matched only by her skill in combat, as she proves to be a fierce warrior, fighting in many battles.

2. Gamora
Her sister is tough, but she is tougher. Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos and half-sister to Nebula, also raised as an assassin, Gamora is trained in most forms of armed and unarmed combat, even managing to disarm Drax and have a blade to his throat before he could get close to her, the only one who can really match her in a fight being her sister. Armed with her compact sword that can be hidden, then pulled out at a moment’s notice, as well as enhanced strength, speed and agility, if you see the flash of her blade, it’s already too late for you.

1. Black Widow
It couldn’t really be anyone else. Despite being one of only two characters on this list who don’t actually possess any enhanced abilities, Natasha Romanov needs nothing but a pair of pistols to take down her foes. She might be beautiful, and at times uses this to her advantage, but don’t be fooled. She knows how to take care of herself. She’s also intelligent, cunning and at times manipulative, but she’s loyal to Nick Fury and the Avengers initiative, sometimes to a fault, putting missions at risk to complete other objectives. Despite this, she always has a good reasons for whatever she does, and if she gets involved in a fight, you’d better hope she’s on your side.

So there’s my list of the most badass female characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But with more characters being introduced every film – Scarlett Witch coming in the next Avengers film, there may be some changes to the list soon. Who knows?

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