Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Final Frontier - Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

The posters for Star Trek: Into Darkness promise something big, featuring big statements such as “Choose a side”, or “Earth will fall”. From the trailers alone we can see that visually we’re looking at something pretty damn spectacular, but past experience has shown that pretty colours don’t make a film. Fortunately, Into Darkness has plenty of just about everything else that makes a film good, so we aren’t just looking at some nifty explosions. What we have here is an intricate plot, some intense action scenes, and an all around brilliant watch.

So here’s the deal, Benedict Cumberbatch is a naughty man who made something go boom. Then he ran away, and it’s Kirk’s job to go and give him slap on the wrist.

Oh children...if only it were that simple. Unfortunately, there’s not much more to say without giving away some pretty fundamental spoilers, so I’ll just say “it’s good” and leave it at that. What I can divulge though, is that there are plenty of references thrown in. References to both the original films and the original series, including some word-for-word dialogue. But worry not! These references are subtle enough that they don’t affect the overall plot. Knowledge of the old ways isn’t essential in understanding what’s going on.  Needless to say, hardcore trekkies will pick up on these references, and there is one whopper of a reference at around the halfway mark, that even I (who has seen some of the old ones, but not a whole hell of a lot) understood and gasped at; a gasp that was echoed around the cinema.

All of this is pulled off beautifully by a superb cast. Headed by Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch, who deliver flawless performances, aided by pointy ears himself, Zachary Quinto, and the feisty Zoe Saldana, who play Spock and Uhura. Pine and Quinto play off eachother’s emotions (or in Quinto’s case – lack of them) perfectly, providing some laugh-out-loud moments, even within the midst of the most intense scenes. Cumberbatch also delivers a superb show, bad guy.

I’m now going to pause for a moment to declare my pure and undying love for Simon Pegg. Zombie slayer, police officer, soon-to-be apocalypse survivor, and tech support on one of the most well-known spaceships in movie/television history...The Enterprise. Oh Mr Pegg, you make a Scotty that is nothing short of amazing. Accent: check. One liners: check. Hilarious relationship with the rest of the crew providing comedy within the intensity of a high octane thrill ride: Check. What’s not to love? Simon Pegg, I salute you!

One thing that’s a little pet peeve of mine, is the untimely coincidences that occur. One such example is at the beginning. When Cumberbatch attacks mere seconds after Kirk voices his opinions on what he thinks the enemy plan is. It’s only a little thing, and it won’t take away from the overall experience of the film, but personally, it really bugs me.

Spectacular effects, great performances, action, comedy, elements of romance and a plot that will have you guessing and gasping at every turn, Star Trek is a complete success in my eyes. Better than the first by all accounts, J.J Abrams shows us what you can do when you put a rather large budget to good use, because let’s face it, this was never gonna be a small scale project. A real treat for old time trekkies and brand new action/sci-fi fans, Star Trek: Into Darkness is an unmissable addition to this new franchise, that leaves us open to a whole new saga. 


Star Trek: Into Darkness gets a thumbs up from me!

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