Saturday, 3 November 2012

Whats been on this week?

Unfortunately, I have no actual reviews to upload this week, so instead, here are my opinions on a few things I've watched this week.

Including: Misfits,
               Sorority Row

               Derren Brown: Apocalypse

Starting last Sunday, the much anticipated return of the iconic orange jumpsuits hits our screen in Series 4 of Misfits. Two new additions to the cast give a fresh feel, but I can tell that I will mourn the absence of characters Kelly, Simon and Alisha. I personall
y think that the show hasn't been as good since Series 2, when Nathan was still around, but that's not to say I don't love it. It checks all the things we expect now, and for me, seems like one of the most realistic drama series' on television, which is particularly impressive, considering the super powers. This is purely down to the performances in the show. The characters are easy to relate to, despite their abilities, and the performances of these characters are realistic and well done. I do have one fault to pick at though. I now find it quite ridiculous that everyone who seems to come in for community service, has super powers. It seems that the entire city was affected by the storm, rather than a select few, as suggested in Series 1. Overall though, still one of my favorite series' on television at the minute.

Recommended by a friend, I decided to watch Sorority Row, a horror film remake in which a teenage prank goes horribly wrong, prompting bloody revenge. Cue annoying, dumb, stereotypical girls. This film is nothing but an exploitation film. The narrative is unoriginal, and manages to do nothing new, the performances are what you'd expect-terrible, over-dramatic, "look at me, I'm beautiful" style performances, seemingly inspired by Megan Fox's 'acting' technique, and yes, expect ridiculous amounts of gore. People die in the most ridiculous ways, half of whom deserve them. For example, when your friends are dead, and you know the killer is nearby, what is the smartest thing to do? Of course! Walk alone into a sea of foam where you can't see anything. It's one of those flicks where you root for the killer, despite the ridiculous amounts of skin that the girls are being made to show. As I said, exploitation.

Next up is Derren Brown with his most ambitious stunt yet; Apocalypse. He has convinced a man that the world has been devastated by a meteor strike, leaving a desolate world inhabited by the crazed "infected". His target this time was Steven-a man who is lazy, irresponsible, and takes his loved ones for granted. Derren has created a world around him, complete with characters that will teach him the qualities of courage, leadership, responsibility, and compassion. Split over two weeks, and interjected with claims that Steven is a fake, Derren pushes his ability to the max, creating one of his most fantastic, yet disturbing experiments yet. If you didn't catch it, be sure to get on 4OD and see it, trust me, it was spectacular.

There were many other great things on this week, but for me, these seemed the most note-worthy. Hopefully, there will be a proper review up next week. Misfits and Derren Brown are on 4OD for anyone who's interested, and if you missed Sorority isn't much to cry over. Until next time!

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